This is how the ANESDOR team was formed!

This is how the ANESDOR team was formed!

The members of the National Association of Companies in the Two-Wheel Sector, led by their general secretary José María Riaño, took part in our Intermediate Motorcycle Course and Scooter course.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to have the staff of this important institution here at the HIS, who decided to invest a day in training to become better riders, learning techniques and concepts for safe riding, a real example for employees of the motorbike sector employers’ association in our country. At the end of the day at our school, they gave us their impressions of the course:


José María Riaño: “Although I’ve been riding motorbikes for many years regularly, my riding level is very average. I had the opportunity to do a course at the HIS a while ago and saw a great improvement. I expect further improvement from this course. The result is feeling more comfortable, safer, and being able to have more fun on the bike. Doing a course at HIS is a fun experience, in the best facilities, with the best material and instructors”.


Pedro Díez: “I’ve been riding motorbikes for more than 30 years, but that doesn’t mean I know everything, and the course shows us that there is still room for improvement. In this relaxed and friendly atmosphere (with excellent instructors and facilities) you can improve your riding, braking, position, trajectory… it’s surprising how a few tips and practice can give you much more confidence. All in all: it’s a must”.


Ignacio Gómez: “The whole course is fantastically designed. It was especially useful to learn how to control braking safely. Ten out of ten”.


Rosa Landa: “Very, very useful course to learn how to ride, especially on roundabouts, braking, and vision when riding, I’m already using what I learned and I feel much safer”.


Sergio Crespo: “Despite being a regular motorbike rider with an A license, the course at HIS has shown me that there is plenty of room for improvement on my riding, both in urban areas and on the road. In each of these tests, the instructors gave me advice on aspects that allowed me to improve my riding position, the dynamics of the bike, and increase my safety margins. I would recommend that all riders, regardless of their level and type of use, take regular courses like this to improve their riding”.