The Honda Safety Institute and Arai extend their partnership agreement

The Honda Safety Institute and Arai extend their partnership agreement

The prestigious Japanese helmet manufacturer will continue to ensure the safety and protection of participants of the HIS motorcycle training courses.

Even since Honda Safety Institute (HIS) opened its doors in 2009, training quality and participant safety have been among its top priorities. The motorcycle training facility located in Barcelona has a European benchmark facility designed exclusively for this task and provides a very high level of training by keeping the number of participants per instructor to 5. In addition, its safe riding courses pride themselves on providing their participants with the very best commodities, such as the lease of the motorcycle and the protective equipment required to take part in the course, including the helmet, gloves, and the body and limb protection, an added value that does not entail any extra charge for the participant.

In this regard, Honda has always chosen premium brands of equipment, capable of ensuring the safety and protection of its participants with the highest level of guarantees. Since its inception, the HIS has relied on prestigious partners such as Arai, a renowned Japanese helmet manufacturer that has been protecting the heads of more than 25,000 students who have already attended the facilities in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda for 14 years. A long-lived and successful collaboration that has been renewed, as of 2023, the school offers the latest Arai models: the new SZ-R VAS, an open-face helmet with a visor that integrates the brand’s most race-oriented technology inherited from the RX-7V, and facilitates communication between the instructor and the students, used in all asphalt courses, both for motorcycles and scooters; the new MX-V, a helmet with off-road qualities designed specifically for the off-road courses held on the 6,000 m2 dirt track; and the VX-Pro Junior, designed for HIS’s most important participants, youngsters between 6 and 16 years of age who are just getting started o in the world of two-wheelers in the special Kids I and Kids II courses.


Considering the importance of providing a helmet appropriate to the size of each participant, we are pleased to note that the collaboration with Arai allows Honda Safety Institute to offer a large stock of more than 90 helmets.