Discover all the information about the different types of courses.

We have an extensive training program for all types of bikers and all riding levels.

We provide everything… including the motorcycle!

Participants will be provided with a motorcycle/scooter and fuel free of charge. All vehicles used during the course are in perfect condition.


The motorbike courses are performed with Honda CB500X and CB500F models, equipped with protectors to minimize any risk for the participant. For the scooter courses, we use the SH125 and Vision 50. For the specific ABS braking exercises, we use a CB600F and an SH300 equipped with side stabilizers.


For the Off-Road courses, both for children and adults, the center has CRF models with different displacements: 50cc, 110cc, and 125cc.

Equipment and insurance included

At HIS we also provide participants with all the protective equipment necessary to take part in the course, such as a helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, and body protection for the back, shoulders, and chest.


In addition, all courses include the corresponding insurance and liability policies.


And everything is included in your enrollment, at no extra cost, including lunch for those courses that finish at 17:30h.


All we need is your eagerness to learn!






Our priorities: quality training and customer service

The quality of training is one of the priorities of the HIS. That is why the training is carried out in groups of a maximum of 5 participants per instructor in order to guarantee the highest level of attention to the participants.

Throughout the years, the HIS has maintained a very high level of participant satisfaction, with an average of 9.5 points out of a maximum of 10.

For all kinds of users

We offer a wide range of courses available to all types of bikers, regardless of their age, license, or level of experience.


Courses for children from 6 years of age or for adults, for beginners or experienced motorcyclists, on motorbikes or scooters, on asphalt or dirt… Whatever your riding level, HIS has a course for you!





Registration includes the free loan of the motorbike and fuel.


In addition, we provide the following safety equipment: helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, back, shoulder and chest protection. For off-road courses, we also provide glasses and specific boots.

  • Special Courses for Children, no driving license is required, but experience in bike riding is recommended.


  • Beginner and Advanced Scooter Courses, require a driving license type A1 or B (with a minimum of 3 years of experience).


  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Motorcycle Courses require a minimum A2 driving license and some experience in riding motorbikes with gear shift.


  • For Professional Courses, the license required will depend on the models used.


  • For the Off-Road Riding Course, minimum driving license type A1 is required.

The price will vary depending on the type of course.


Payment for the courses can only be made by credit/debit card through our secure platform that you will find in our enrolment section.

To find out the price of courses for professional users, please contact us.

1) Choose the date from our Calendar.


2) Check if there are places available.


3) If so, click and check if the details match the dates and courses you want to take.


4) Click on the Enroll button and fill in the form with your details.


(Please note that the only payment method available is through our secure card payment platform).