Beginner Motorcycle Course (en)

Get started on a motorbike with gear shift with all the necessary facilities and in a controlled area.


Course designed for motorcycle users of up to medium displacement with little experience who wish to improve their riding confidence and safety based on techniques that can be applied in daily riding and in risky situations. The course is designed to provide basic motorbike riding techniques to encourage safe riding.


For the Basic Defensive Riding course, you need at least an A2 driving license.


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All courses include the corresponding insurance and liability policies.
The lease of motorbikes, rider's equipment, and petrol are included in the price.

Techniques that you’ll learn

– Correct posture on the motorbike and proper use of the controls for the safest possible riding, allowing the best reaction in each case.


– Correct positioning of the eyes as a means of facilitating cornering and preventing possible risk situations.


– Use of the brakes in and out of bends and their correct combination to achieve strong reductions if necessary while maintaining the stability of the vehicle.


The objective is to improve riding techniques, not to teach motorcycling to riders without any previous experience. In addition, experience in riding motorbikes with gear shift is mandatory.

Honda CB500x and CB500f

Naked and trail motorbikes designed for Defensive Riding courses. They offer a very smooth and progressive behavior of the engine allowing you to learn different riding techniques in the best possible way. These two models are ideal for the most basic level courses or for users with little riding experience.


Motorcycle CB500F/CB500X and equipment


We provide elbow, knee, back, shoulder, and chest protection. Because of COVID, each student will need to bring their own helmet and gloves to the course.


09:15 to 15:00 hrs


Registration includes the free loan of the motorbike and fuel.


In addition, we provide the following safety equipment: helmet, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, back, shoulder and chest protection. For off-road courses, we also provide glasses and specific boots.

  • Special Courses for Children, no driving license is required, but experience in bike riding is recommended.


  • Beginner and Advanced Scooter Courses, require a driving license type A1 or B (with a minimum of 3 years of experience).


  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Motorcycle Courses require a minimum A2 driving license and some experience in riding motorbikes with gear shift.


  • For Professional Courses, the license required will depend on the models used.


  • For the Off-Road Riding Course, minimum driving license type A1 is required.

The price will vary depending on the type of course.


Payment for the courses can only be made by credit/debit card through our secure platform that you will find in our enrolment section.

To find out the price of courses for professional users, please contact us.

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